Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Dank White Returns

Well that's teaching us. Apparently Occupy Wall Street's protets against corporate malfeasance are going to allow those wily Islamicists to make America part of their global caliphate. Thanks, Frank. Bosses everywhere will now be using the same line everytime some pissant holds out for a raise.

In re io9's header: I had thought that Miller had been a parody of himself for a solid decade at least. Guess there's always room to grow.


susan said...

That was funny enough that I had to go off and look at a couple of other references to his wacky rant and found this. The comments at Bun Toons are pretty amusing too.

Ben said...

Oh, that last panel killed me. And I love the comment that ends "That’s not the America that Miller fought for on the beaches of Normandy, no sir." Thank you for the link.