Thursday, November 3, 2011

In which I fail at clever headers

Last Sunday I read something in the paper and had the idea of using the article as the basis for a blog post. So I just had to wait until it came online. Except that as of Monday night, it apparently hadn't done so. And still hasn't from the Google searches I've done. Philosophically I'm fine with this. Publishers aren't necessarily obligated to put everything on the interwebs. I'd be happy if holding out managed to sell a few more copies of the paper edition and save some jobs. (Although this last part seems like a big if.) It's just a little inconvenient as a blogger.

Anyway, it was Erin McKean's "The Word" column from the Boston Globe, and it touched on a new fad. That fad is called "ignore-ing", and centers on placing an order at a drive-thru window, and driving away without taking the food. This strikes me as beyond annoying. If you can afford food that you don't need, try treating someone else.


susan said...

That new fad sounds suspiciously like the old fad popular with bored twelve year old who'd order pizza for the neighbors.

Ben said...

Oh yes, the "What am I gonna do with all these pizzas?" trick. Probably not real karma healthy.