Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's a snap!

Slapsticky occurrence tonight. After work I walked to the store, and from there home. All this time it happened to be both windy and raining. So I had my umbrella up. A gust of wind rises, I struggle.

A standard thing to happen is for all the ribs to go inside out, perhaps permanently. But that's not what happened. Instead, the pole broke in half, the top flying out of my hands. I actually yelled "What the fuck was that?" so luckily there were no toddlers nearby.

Somewhat fortunate in that I was able to sort of fit things back together later in the evening. So this one may last a bit longer.


susan said...

That must have been a terrific surprise. Similar combinations of wind and rain destroyed three umbrellas during my first winter in Portland. Then my mother sent me a better quality one that lasted five years. Then again, there are some storms where we're better off wearing a good fitting hat.

Ben said...

A good fitting hat and a readiness to change trousers when you get home. :) Indeed these things are key.