Sunday, November 14, 2010

So that happened

Apparently there's a fair-sized group of people willing to believe that Jim Davis hates the military. Well, it's possible that a Marine stole his girlfriend once. That's not the silly part.

This same group seems to think that Davis has a taste for controversy. It's at that point that I spew my beverage all over the keyboard. I'll shotgun a bottle of fabric softener before the creator of Garfield deliberately sets out to offend people. His "bad timing" explanation is so obviously true that I'm surprised he even had to make it.

Nonetheless, some rightie blog whose URL I've mercifully forgotten described Davis as "just another liberal elitist." For a comic strip that, like Hagar the Horrible and Family Circus, is aimed at people foggy on who the president currently is. Really.

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susan said...

I think that worked out perfectly.