Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fox Business thumb wrestling


Oh, it's not surprising that Neil Cavuto just tucked in his chin, waved his finger, and spouted nonsense when Rep. Hahn belatedly made the point that unemployed people will spend the money quicker than multimillionaires will.

Nor is it a surprise when Cavuto insisted that businesses aren't spending the money they have because they know taxes are going up and so are health care contributions. Just for fun, though, compare the upper tax rates and unemployment numbers for 1960 with current stats.

No, the humdinger is that Cavuto was actually interviewing someone who would contradict him. He could have just found a video soundbite and eviscerated someone from a distance. Some intern is so fired over this.


susan said...

It's getting harder all the time for the loathsome lying liars to keep the lid on. Truth will out.

Ben said...

Hope someone is paying attention when it pops out.