Saturday, November 13, 2010

Second straight Saturday Random Ten

Just sort of got away from me on Friday proper. Ah well, I caught it again. And this lunatic cough is starting to lift.

1. Arcade Fire--Suburban War
2. Don Byron--Charley's Prelude
3. Jackson Browne--Late for the Sky
4. The New Pornographers--Up in the Dark
5. Sly & the Family Stone--Fun
6. Nellie McKay--Crazy Rhythm
7. Ladytron--Last One Standing
8 Beck--Mixed Bizness
9. Finn Riggins--Mahoney
10. Talk Talk--Life's What You Make It


susan said...

Glad you caught it - haven't heard of Don Byron but you could write a book about people and things I haven't heard of. Come to think of it, many have.

I hope the cough has gone.

Ben said...

The cough isn't totally gone but I'm not taging on til I'm short of breath now, so that's good. In terms of coughs and colds this seems to have been a brutal Autumn for RI in general.