Saturday, November 6, 2010

Neither gone nor forgotten Saturday Random Ten

While the last week has been a fallow one for blogging, I actually did intend to run a Friday Random Ten. But Thursday I forgot to bring my iPod home to recharge it. It was still there when I went to work the next day, which speaks well of our custodial staff. The toothbrush I left in the bathroom was still there too, although that's less of a surprise.

1. Beck--Nicotine & Gravy
2. Battles--Race: In
3. Sly & the Family Stone--M'lady
4. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings--Give It Back
5. L'Attirail--Sophiapolis
6. Count Basie & Sarah Vaughan--Little Man (You've Had a Busy Day)
7. The 5,6,7,8's--Roadrunner
8. Talking Heads--Uh-Oh Love Comes to Town
9. Nina Simone--I Loves You Porgy*
10. Finn Riggins--Antoinette Pt 1

*But she says "I love..." Apparently the nonstandard syntax rubbed her the wrong way.

This is another Finn Riggins video, and a cool one. The spacious, unplugged version of "Antoinette" is very different from the studio version on my list, but both are exemplary.

finn riggins // Session #5A // ANTOINETTE from Marja Kuivisto on Vimeo.


susan said...

Nice one :-)

Electric toothbrushes are the home care equivalent of electric guitars.

Ben said...

I took it on faith that my toothbrush hadn't been used for cleaning between tiles. If I was wrong, oh well. Water under the bridge. :)