Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sticking with "New Post" as a header

This essay would be worthwhile if only for the quote, "The future is a mutated bacteria that you never saw coming." But Ms Newitz's take on the non-imminence of The Singularity is good all around. The point can be elaborated. We now live in a world where some people have mechanical arms and cochlear implants in their ears. At one time they would have been seen as gods or monsters, or at least aliens. But now we see them as simply people who have parts they weren't born with. The mundaneness of self-image usually carries the day.


susan said...

It was quite an enjoyable essay and I'd agree with most of what she said. My own take for a while has been that humanity has no clue what a mature civilization would look like. We've certainly never experienced one ourselves.

Ben said...

Perhaps not. We can only do as best we can, and usually not even that.