Saturday, October 16, 2010

Deuce Bigalow: Angry Gigolo

From a semi-random websearch, Rob Schneider unloads during an interview.

I don't think Dennis Miller is as smart as people think. He's a fascist. He seems to be manipulated by money. All conservatism is grasping what was radical 90 years ago. There are no ideas.

He unloads on Democrats too, and to be honest he's not exactly a penetrating analyst. But even barroom punditry is more than most would expect from the man behind and in front of The Hot Chick. Mainly it just interests me that there's political friction between greying SNL comics. Let the Victoria Jackson-Julia Sweeney Cold War begin.


susan said...

It was interesting him saying presidents should be drafted into office against their will. Catching the qualified would be an interesting challenge as I imagine them being dragged kicking and screaming from their homes to the inaugural podium.

Ben said...

You might have to shoot them with tranquilizer darts. After that it would be a matter of keeping them sedated enough not to try and escape, but not too doped up to think through policy. A delicate balance, to be sure.