Friday, October 29, 2010

Frightday Friday Random Ten

Slo-oooo-ow day at work. It's nice to have a light workload now and then, but it can get a little much. Or rather much little. Would have been awfully boring except that it was Halloween. That meant there was a witch, as well as two matching ninjas. And candy, which meant an excuse to get up and go get candy. You take the action you can get.

1. Sly & the Family Stone--Underdog
2. Perez Prado--Zelda's Theme
3. Tom Waits--You Can Never Hold Back Spring
4. Nellie McKay--Black Hills of Dakota
5. Soul Coughing--Mr Bitterness
6. Talk Talk--I Believe In You
7. Beck--Broken Train
8. Talking Heads--No Compassion
9. Finn Riggins--Antoinette Pt 2
10. The New Pornographers--Valkyrie in the Roller Disco


susan said...

Strangely enough, one thing we've noticed here was not noticing something and that's been stores and shopping centers not filled with Hallowe'en and Christmas displays. They're recognized as holidays here but not overwhelmingly so which pretty much allows people to participate voluntarily. What a difference.

Ben said...

Whoa. I guess that is kind of a culture shock.