Thursday, October 21, 2010

Building Wide Web

The story behind the pictures above (which in and of themselves are worth 2000 words) can be found here. There's something extraordinarily ambitious about this installation, scotch tape being stretched and doubled until it becomes a new space. On the other hand it seems natural as well. Like it took humans long enough to get into the business of spinning cobwebs.

Wonder what kind of upkeep it takes, though.


susan said...

A sticky situation indeed but an excellent use for a stock exchange.. preferably all of them. I was surprised when I looked at the link to see how substantial the installation was with people sitting and walking inside.

Ben said...

That's kind of what blew me away too.

As to stock exchanges, I've always wanted to walk into one and say, "I'd like to exchange this stock. It doesn't work." One of these days...