Friday, November 6, 2009

Stay with me long enough to hear the Friday Random Ten

Know how sometimes you're typing and one of your hands is misaligned, so that you're not just getting a little here and a little there wrong but actually typing xomplwrw fivvweiah*? Well I almost logged in with something crazy like that. Probably good for me if I get this day done. Don't get me started on the cursor suddenly jumping a line up.

1. Chic--Real People
2. Talking Heads--Air
3. The Beatles--Glass Onion
4. Sarah Vaughan--You're Mine You
5. Luciana Souza & Romero Lubambo--Muita Bobeira**
6. XTC--Generals and Majors
7. Bonzo Dog Band--In the Canyons of Your Mind
8. The New Pornographers--The End of Medicine
9. Lou Rawls--Righteous Woman/I Wanna Little Girl
10. Mika w/ Imogen Heap--By the Time

* "complete gibberish" by the way
** Brought to you by Windows Vista


susan said...

Windows Vista is good at making you write things you didn't intend.

Ben said...

Is that it? In most ways I like Vista more than XP, but it does seem that my typoes have shot up since.