Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A medal just for showing up

Congressional seat opens up in traditional GOP district. (Thanks to White House Democrat giving Republican congressman a job.) GOP nominates relative moderate, par for the course in this district. Club For Growth and other conservative pressure groups start yapping. Third party candidate forces official Republican nominee out of the race. Safe Republican seat is won by Generic Democrat.

Variations of this story are likely to play out many times next year, especially since so many "conservatives" find all of this to be good news. Sometimes the results will be similar to this, leading to Democratic victories. In some districts they'll be very different, and some scary-ass people are going to get elected. The fact that so many citizens mete out political support based on how well the politician howls for liberal blood is both depressing and disturbing.


susan said...

It seems to me from what I've seen some scary-ass people have already been elected. That's just one of the reasons I'm looking forward to returning to Canada. The other reason is that Halifax is less than 500 miles from Providence - but I promise not to be a nuisance :-)

Ben said...

For the first part, I thought of that after posting. I guess they'll be getting some scary-ass playmates, then.

For the second part, what can I say? Coo ell!