Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Random Ten as the reservoir fills

When I got up this morning I thought I heard rain, so I brought my umbrella. Turned out to be just the wind. Actually it didn't rain all the time the sun was up. It is now, and I think we had a shower earlier tonight. I didn't get caught in it, but afterward the ground was wet and my sneakers weren't doing much to keep my feet dry. Which just goes to show you. (No I don't know what. Something.)

Anyway, here is the Random Ten. Again, didn't really do iTunes editing this week, but tha's okay.

1. T. Rex--Midnight
2. Lou Rawls--Trouble Down Here Below
3. The Go Go's--Our Lips Are Sealed
4. Brian Eno--Spider and I
5. The Kinks--Where Did My Spring Go
6. The New Pornographers--The New Face of Zero and One
7. Talk Talk--Life's What You Make It
8. k.d. lang--Help Me
9. Johnny Mathis--The Twelfth of Never
10. Ladytron-- Re: Agents

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