Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday advisory

No Random Ten for Friday. I spent much of the day at a day-postponed Thanksgiving dinner with a couple of friends, their kids, and a sister/boyfriend combo from out of town. Which was a good time, hanging out with them. Also saw the fourth Futurama movie, which sort of goofily backed into some heavy metaphysics. Douglas Adams would approve.

Anyweasel, Saturday Random Ten should be on the horizon.


susan said...

Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving. Was that 'Into The Wild Green Yonder' you saw? - Humanity awaits the magnificent new Green Age while ancient forces return to screw up everything - is what I read about it. Strangely enough we just watched the movie about Crop Circles I was curious about. It was pretty neat but too much talking when there could have been more fly-overs. Me? I am so ready for the Mother Ship to appear :-)

Ben said...

Into the Wild Green Yonder is indeed the one we saw. That's an imprecise description of the plot, but it sets you up sort of.

Any interviews with the aliens who made the crop circles?