Friday, November 27, 2009

A shame

Wow. I knew Roger Ebert was off his movie review show permanently, and I knew he had been undergoing treatment for cancer. But until reading this I figured it was him and his bosses not being able to come to terms. The fact that he's physically unable to speak now is sad, even if he can obviously still write.

On a lighter note, Gene Siskel's mustache back in the 70s was a thing of glory. Wonder why he got rid of that bad boy. Possible that his wife didn't like it. I'd like to think he had it preserved under glass, anyway.


susan said...

It's never nice to hear someone is or has been seriously ill but good to know he still seems okay.

The mustache was monumental but never seemed to suit his face. Maybe his wife said that too :-)

Ben said...

I think Ebert's written reviews have generally been better than his TV reviews, maybe because he doesn't have to rush for commercials. Still, it would be nice one of these days if he could tell his wife "Good morning." (After she'd put her coffee down, of course.)