Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Random Ten while waiting for new neighbors

Yeah, the lady with the cat who lived next to me moved out. I'd call her a cat lady, but she only had one. I don't think her boyfriend will be returning my screwdriver. I went to the apartment on the other side of her to ask what's going on, but she's gone too. Ah well, everything changes.

1. The White Stripes--Prickly Thorn, But Sweetly Worn
2. Nick Drake--Riverman
3. Tori Amos--Cruel
4. Nancy Wilson--If It's the Last Thing I Do
5. Duke Ellington*
6. Prince--Little Red Corvette
7. Beach House--Apple Orchard
8. Harry Nilsson--Coconut
9. Walter Wanderly--Voce e Eu
10. Sarah Vaughan--More Than You Know

*One cool thing about these old Duke Ellington numbers was the way that they played up their black origins, when some of the folks on the dancefloor may have wanted to forget that. The title of this song is one hint, as is the mention of African sun.


susan said...

It's always an exciting time wondering who the next neighbors will be.. and whether you'll be getting regular sleep during the following year.

Ahh, Duke. I love all of his music but one of my favorites from the early days was 'What Did I Do To Be So Black and Blue?

Ben said...

Good choice. Satchmo put his mark on that song as well.

BTW, what kind of neighbors do you have these days?

susan said...

Happily, mostly quiet hardworking ones. I think either the guy downstairs x-box broke or he moved.