Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Random Ten just under the wire

Almost didn't post this one before the clock clicked over to Saturday. Man, where's my head?

1. Radiohead--Planet Telex
2. Beck--Scarecrow
3. Dinah Washington--Big Long Slidin' Thing*
4. Talking Heads--Happy Day
5. Fairport Convention--Poor Will & the Jolly Hangman
6. Broadcast--Subject to the Ladder
7. Spoon--Well All Right**
8. The Dresden Dolls--Girl Anachronism
9. Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross--It's Sand, Man
10. TV on the Radio--Halfway Home

* It's about a trombone. Where's your head at?
** Not the Buddy Holly song, but it kind of sounds like it could be one of his.

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