Friday, May 15, 2009

Time out for Friday Random Ten

A fun batch today.

Speaking of fun, when I'm a little fatigued at work I sometimes take a moment and lie down on the floor. I get to stretch and relax a little, and confirm that I'm not actually about to drop off to sleep. It's refreshing. I guess you have to pick your moments, of course...

1. Bjork--Pneumonia
2. Dresden Dolls--The Jeep Song
3. Broadcast--Tears in the Typing Pool
4. Harry Nilsson--Jump into the Fire
5. Captain Beefheart--Sue Egypt
6. The Beatles--She Said She Said
7. Fairport Convention--One More Chance
8. Arcade Fire--Headlights Look Like Diamonds
9. Beach House--Auburn and Ivory
10. Charles Mingus--Minor Intrusion

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