Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Head down on the table for naptime

One weird thing is to fall asleep in a coffee shop. That happened to me this evening. Even if I wasn't drinking straight coffee, I was caffeinated enough. Well, except I hadn't gotten nearly enough sleep last night.

The thing is that if you wake up in a place that's not your home, you have no immediate idea where you are or how long you've been there. You just hope you're not at a highway rest stop, too far from home and not far enough from the shallow graves you dug. Or maybe that's just me.

Still, I was able to do some writing when I came too. Actually it flowed pretty easily. Score one for disorientation.


susan said...

Now that's tired. Glad to hear the writing was successful.

Now I'm tired too. G'night.

Ben said...

Yeah, that was an okay night.

¡Buenos nachos!