Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ghost of a chance

This is a pretty incisive quote from Roy
Now is a good to remind ourselves that things can go horribly wrong. I've seen good times, I've seen bad, and the latter tend to be more prevalent and more lasting. So I suggest we savor every drop of the Arlen Specter thing. It's true, as The Poor Man and Glenn Greenwald have pointed out, that Specter isn't much of a get, and will likely take a 2010 nomination that should go to a more progressive candidate.

Well, Obama isn't much of a progressive, either. I don't care. In these few years I have left, I just want to capture some enjoyable memories of wingnut anguish that may bring some comfort to my charity hospital bed.

Specter undoubtedly made the right choice, self-preservation-wise. The Republican base would smell blood as soon as they realized Specter's primary opponent was a Christian and hated taxes. No, there wouldn't be a lot of hand-wringing over what "Christian" really meant. No, the fact that Specter carries a higher tax penalty than just about any Allegheny tea partier wouldn't help him. It's not pretty.

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