Friday, April 24, 2009

Capping off a lame blogging week with the Friday Random Ten

Ah well, sometimes you have slow weeks. This time out I wasn't able to get my thoughts in order in a readable way, at least not for the blog. Ah well, at least you don't have to subscribe.

1. Tom Waits--Ain't Goin' Down to the Well
2. Harry Nilsson--Miss Butler's Lament
3. Nellie McKay--Zombie
4. Heidi Brühl--Was der Wind Erzahlt*
5. Louis Armstrong--Save It, Pretty Mama
6. The Sonics--The Witch
7. Broadcast--Goodbye Girls
8. John Buzon Trio--Mr. Ghost Goes to Town
9. Nat King Cole--Almost Like Being in Love
10. Yo La Tengo--Gentle Hours

* Basically Brenda Lee's "All Alone Am I" in German.


Matthew Frederick said...

If the week of blogging was lame, then this Top 10 more than makes up for it.

Ben said...

Oho. Well, thank you Matt. I'm glad you dug it.