Thursday, April 2, 2009

One fish, two fish...

Now yesterday--yesterday evening to be precise--I was sitting in a well-known coffee shop, drinking something chocolatey, reading a book. A guy sat next to me, carrying a FedEx package. He opens the box and takes out this fish tank. Since he was carrying it by himself, you might correctly guess that it was a small tank.

Small, but with water in it. On the outside was a stitched-baseball pattern and the New York Yankees' insignia, with which you may be familiar. On the inside was a fish. A blue fish with sharp nose and tail.

When he saw me looking, the guy told me it was a fighting fish. He was planning to get a red one to go with it, for Bombers-Sox games. That way the blue fish could kick the red fish's ass just like the Yankees would to the Red Sox. Interesting, but after a few minutes of this discussion (his speech was noticeably slurred) I put on my headphones. Note that the iPod's battery had run down earlier in the day. It got me thinking, though. Suppose the blue fish fights the red fish and wins, but Boston still goes to town on the Yankees. Could that be grounds for a refund?

Anyway, you can see why I didn't post this last night. Everyone would have assumed it was an elaborate April Fool on my part.


Matthew Frederick said...

throw a little devil ray in there and both fish lose.

Ben said...

That ain't no jive live, broseph.