Sunday, March 22, 2009

São Paolo

Oh! My stars and garters! In the mental fog I've been in lately, I've forgotten to do a St. Joseph's Day post. Well, better late than never. And no better way than with some Paolo Conte.

This could be delayed even further by my dithering over which video to put up. Instead, I'll have both of these. The first song is called "Max" and the second is--wait for it--"Hesitation." Both are sublime.


susan said...

Very nice choices, dreamy and mysterious. I immediately thought of Jacques Brel even though I'd not heard him before. Wiki provided a brief insight - poet, painter and lawyer as well as a musician. Oh my.

Ben said...

A twoo Wenaissance man!

I had mostly compared him to a continental European Tom Waits, but I can see your Brel point as well.

susan said...

I only realized later I should have said Charles Aznavour.