Friday, March 13, 2009

Fuzzy Friday Random Ten

I didn't have time to shave this morning. Luckily I do my job pretty well. "Eccentric genius" might be pushing it, but people are willing to overlook things here and there.

Anyway, here's a somewhat oldies-oriented Friday Random Ten.

1. Dinah Washington--A Foggy Day
2. The Kinks--God's Children
3. Nobukazu Takemura--Machine's Dream
4. TV on the Radio--Love Dog
5. Tori Amos--Northern Lad
6. Blossom Dearie--I Wish You Love
7. Gang of Four--I Found That Essence Rare
8. Sly & the Family Stone--Don't Burn Baby
9. Nick Drake--Way to Blue
10. Jimi Hendrix Experience--Rainy Day, Dream Away

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