Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Random Ten to be completed subsequently

Yeah, that's a pretty weird header. Been a little ill this week but I've still been going to work, so I was too wiped out to complete the list last night. Still, enigmatic isn't always bad.

1. The Kinks--Polly
2. Louis Armstrong--West End Blues
3. Elvis Costello & tge Attractions--High Fidelity
4. Brian Eno--Taking Tiger Mountain
5. The Kinks--Mindless Child of Motherhood
6. Tori Amos--Liquid Diamonds
7. Barenaked Ladies--Celebrity
8. Scissor Sisters--Get It Get It
9. Blossom Dearie--Something Happens to Me
10. Tim Blake Nelson--In the Jailhouse Now

That's right, we're double-Kink-ing it this time out.

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