Sunday, March 8, 2009

Damn you lead time! Damn you to Hell!

Oh Jeff Jacoby will you ever win?

A little local flavor here. I'm in Providence, RI, which is the same region as Gentleman Jeff. This past Monday, we got slammed with our biggest snowstorm of the Winter. Circa twelve inches. This weekend, you had people walking around with T-shirts and no jacket. Except in places where the plows piled it up, the snow is gone. Tomorrow we expect to get more, but how long will that last?

Add up patterns like that, and along with the Wii, you have the reason why sledding is basically dead in the lower 48. You don't need a polar bear to know which way the wind blows.


susan said...

I'm confused by people who understand there is a problem, be it the economy or climate change, but continue to go blithely about their business as though nothing can ever change their reality.

Ben said...

Well I sort of understand that, as it's a lot to take in. But reality is changing regardless. What you can effect is your response.