Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No bluff, it really will ruin your life

One gold medal timewaster on the Interweb is the wiki TV Tropes. Despite its name, it's not strictly speaking about television. It's concerned with stories and storytelling in a bunch of formats, including real life. You might consider it a versatiel narratology wiki, although TV does come up a lot. So do anime, video games and pro wrestling.

Search is a little different. The search field won't take you directly to any articles. Instead you get a menu of articles that contain that combination of letters.

I think the real kick is the site's openness. While a lot of good things can be said for Wikipedia, you can be at the mercy of the humorless there. I've added good, reliable information to articles only to see it removed for fuzzy "relevance" issues minutes later. This is a combination of an ambition to be a real reference work and a lot of editing being done by loose-ends teens and preteens.

At TT, by contrast, anything that isn't out and out vandalism will probably stay. Anything well-intended, that is. That can result in some head-scratchers, but it's all another flavor in the soup.

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