Friday, May 9, 2008

Estimated Friday Top Ten

The entries on this list are solid, but the order is in some measure of doubt. I forgot the paper I recorded the early ones on at work, and wasn't going to dash back in the rain to get it. Without further ado.

1. Sun Ra--Jet Flight
2. The Kinks--Skin and Bone
3. Gang of Four--Ether
4. Elton John--This Song Has No Title
5. Radiohead--Backdrifts
6. Moby--Find My Baby
7. Luscious Jackson--Why do I Lie?
8. Ladytron--Fighting in Built Up Areas
9. Sammy Davis Jr.--Hey There
10. Laurie Anderson--From the Air

The Kinks song is absolutely irresistible, and I knew it would make the cut. Reviews I've read of "Muswell Hillbillies" tend to ignore it, but come on! Goofy as it sounds--and that's a big part of its appeal--what other rock star of the earlie seventies had eating disorders on his radar?

There, that's my example of more than meets the eye silliness.

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