Monday, May 26, 2008

All kinds of holes

Full disclosure: I'm more of a Nigella Lawson man myself.

Via the intrepid political/humor site SAdly, No!, it appears that at least three right wing blogs have gone on the warpath against Dunkin' Donuts because pitchwoman has been seen wearing a keffiyeh. Except she really hasn't. Not that any sane person would care. And DD may actually be taking these people seriously.

Anti-keffiyeh crusaders are--as one might expect--rabidly pro-Israel. There's a disconnect there. Say what you like about Israel, but I doubt this kind of hysteria would fly there. An Italian woman from Upstate New York wearing a checked scarf? Might fall short of red alert status when you've seen actual shelling.

Dennis Rodman's devil horns, on the other hand...

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