Monday, September 24, 2007

Their love isn't in the cards, it's in the grids.

Here's a happy story. That much the moreso for me because I was able to solve it Sunday afternoon. Again, spoiler alert for Globe readers still working on it, but the answers to the puzzle manage to work in the names of both the proposer and the proposee. Because I had recently come across the fact that Winston Churchill's mother was named Jennie Jerome, I was prepared for that one.

BTW, did you know that Churchill's mother was from Brooklyn? His family's New York background most likely meant that he and FDR had social contacts in common long before they became war allies. That would give them a lot to talk about, and even more not to talk about.

Anyway, I'm cheered to know that there are a couple of smart nerds willing to take a chance on love. Best of (fortune, 4 letters.)

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