Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Drums and Wires

Okay, I'm back online. And back here. I'd been off for a few days because I plum just couldn't get online. Well, today I called my ISP, Cox Communications, and told them the trouble. The guy I talked to sounded very nice, maybe a little baked. After trying and failing the Ip config, he concluded that it was probably a not-so-good ethernet cable. Well, lomg story short, I happened to have an ethernet cable lying around that I wasn't using. Why I stopped using it, I don't remember. But after running it between modem and computer, everything's back on track. This cable works until it doesn't, so I should probably get a bakup.

While fumbling around for a solution, I discovered the Sound Effects Manager in my control panel. It's kind of a neat toy. Basically you can manipulate any sound that comes out of your speakers, changing the tone and adding effects. For example, the first song on this page is an infectious love ditty with a Spectoresque wall of sound. If you use the "drugged" effect, it becomes a threatening barrage of noise, albeit one with a sweet tune running under it. Not something I'd want to listen to all the time, but it's an interesting way to change perspetive.

Must be a few Mac apps that let you do something similar.

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