Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The place to be

How do you like that?

I just navidgated over to When Fangirls Attack!, to see if there was anything thought-provoking. And who do I bump into while there? Why, me, of course. My own post on The Spirit is the fourth linked item for September 5. Nice, and a little intimidating. I'm still in early stages here, so I don't have a big archive to look at yet. Um, unless you're reading this in the future and things have gone well.

Note 1. WFA is a great site that links to a lot of gender-issues-related comics articles that are nowhere near as boring as that might sound. David Bird has a neat look at Grant Morrison's Bulleteer (think a spandex version of "American Beauty" that's sympathetic to the wife) and I'm expecting to find more good stuff.

Note 2. Since the Spirit post, I've gotten better at links. Half of this is adding HTML capability. The other half is cribbing from this page. Credit where it's due, they know their stuff.

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