Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tha's all, folks

Some cultural artifacts also function as anxiety dreams. This cartoon is one of them. Why is there a lever in some room whose only function is to end the world? Why is this room so insecure a sad clown and his dumb dog can get in? How is it the clown can bury his head in the dirt and come up with a severed demon head in place of his own?

I can't explain it, but it feels true on some level.


susan said...

I liked that the person who posted it noted simply that 'It's just a cartoon'. There's something ominous about that as well - never mind we're left to wonder how did that little dog become so naughty?

Ben said...

The dog, it seemed to me, was not acting out of malice but just being playful with the latest shiny object. This is disturbing in itself, given the outcome. But yeah, "just a cartoon"? Someday, perhaps, that will be more reassuring.