Tuesday, June 13, 2017

H2. Oh.

It can be hard to remember to stay hydrated in the winter. Or rather it can be hard to force yourself to do so. Cold water is hard to get down because it hurts your throat. Even if the water isn't that cold it's not something you crave.

Summer is a different story. You always want to drink something cold. Not necessarily ice cold, but if a glass of water is ice cold when you take it out of the fridge, it won't stay so for long. In fact before too long the water will be lukewarm, so you definitely want to down it before that.

There are a lot of downsides to hot weather, so you have to look on the bright side as well.


susan said...

I drink lots of water summer and winter both. When I was working I got into the habit of drinking plain hot water from our dispensers because the stuff was never quite hot enough to make real tea and besides, there was only so much herbal tea I could stand. So I made up my mind that hot water was the very plainest of herbal teas and grew to like it. I don't do that much anymore, but what did happen was that I found I enjoyed the taste of water at any temperature. Of course, if you want cold water to stay cold a while longer in summer ice cubes work very well.

I agree with you about hot weather having disadvantages. So far we've had only one uncomfortable one here. Thank goodness for fans.. and water.

Ben said...

Do you mean the hot water dispensers at work? If they were the spigots on the water cooler like what I'm picturing, I know what you mean about them not being hot enough to make tea. They never seem to get much above lukewarm, probably because the rest of the contraption tries to keep the water cold.

Yeah, ice cubes work. But I generally don't need to spread drinking a glass of water over an hour. I'm good.

We'll have more muggy days this year, but it's been okay so far.