Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mallet good!

I was looking for unusual covers involving vibes because... well, I just was. This actually isn't that weird. The song in its original form is downtempo and melancholic. They capture the mood well, though. Good team.


susan said...

That was very nice. When we lived in Montreal I spent an hour waiting for some friends of friends to show up. The room I was in had only one thing and that was a full sized xylophone hooked up to an electronic reverb system. Since there was nobody there to witness or criticize, I had a wonderful time playing the thing. Although I certainly wasn't good at it I must say it's the one time I ever played an instrument I couldn't make sound bad. It was great.

I came across this article about Vietnamese lithophones a few days ago. Since you've been interested in vibes recently you might enjoy the performance they added.

Ben said...

Your encounter with the giant xylophone sounds kind of like a dream. I know what you mean about no one there to dream or criticize, and how it was the only instrument that wouldn't sound bad. The piano is certainly harder than it looks. That's one way we're socialized to be silent, I guess.

The Vietnamese lithophone article looks wild. Confess I don't read French that well and haven't yet run it through translate, but I see there's some theorization about Stonehenge, which oddly didn't make it into Spinal Tap. And wow, that woman's performance on the rocks is not what I was expecting.