Friday, February 10, 2017

Don't call us...

So not too long ago, a recruiting/placement agency left a message on my answering machine. I recently figured that just to cover all the bases I might as well call them and see what if anything they could do for me. So I tried calling the number they left me. No answer. No, that's not quite right. I got an automated message telling me the number had either been changed or was out of service. If it's been changed they don't publicize what it's been changed to.

Google the company and you see another number. I tried calling that as well. The same thing happened.

The website doesn't provide a public email address. There is a link you can send things to, but it's pretty much limited to uploading resumes. You can't tailor your message.

So the question is how are you supposed to get in touch with these people? Apparently you're not.


susan said...

It appears that among all the positions outsourced in the past twenty years personnel departments (now known as HR) were among the first to go - at least so far as initiating contact between those in need of employees and vice versa. From reading about your experience with the agency noted it seems likely they were 'fly by night' to begin with. It's a tough one trying to figure out who's real and who's just scamming (as in anyone requiring payment or credit card info from a job seeker).

We hope you find something suitable well before circumstances become dire. Don't forget the passport, just in case.

Ben said...

Payment or credit card info is definitely a dealbreaker.

I have another test as well. When I hear a phone number left on the answering machine, I Google that number, area code included. Generally for a legit business the name will come up among the results. If it doesn't I take that as a sign of fly-by-night-ness.

Knock on wood I'll find something soon. Further updates coming.