Saturday, February 25, 2017

Oh, by the way, it hit 70 in Providence this past Friday. That's just wrong. I don't mind getting a little break from winter here and there, and when you're learning to drive there's an upside to less snow on the streets. But come on now, that's like being thrust into the middle of the year. Hopefully things will moderate a little this week.


susan said...

We're a bit more traditional around here, our highest these past few days in the mid-40s. Still, I know what you mean about the unnatural warmth for February.

I hope the driving lessons are going well and.. that you're not preparing for a career with uber.

Nice arrow btw.

Ben said...

Winter did make a comeback a couple of days into March. Still, I think the point stands.

Driving lessons going okay, although the instructor had to cancel this past weekend. As for Uber, it looks like the bad karma they've accumulated may be having an effect.

Unicode symbols are fun.