Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I am not learning to drive a stick shift. I seem to remember saying that I was, but I'm not. Automatic transitions have something that looks like a stick, thus the source of my confusion. May learn someday, but there aren't as many manual transmissions as there used to be.

Did drive in the rain today, though. And I'm learning from men for whom English isn't their first language. So points somewhere.


susan said...

We pretty much figured that was the mistake and an easy one to make too. The way you can tell you're in a car with a manual transmission (stick shift) is by seeing three pedals on the floor rather than two. That's the clutch which you press down and ease up on as the car goes from one level of speed to the next. You'd go from first to second fairly quickly as you pull away from a stop then third for moderate speed city traffic. Fourth and fifth are for highway speeds. You can tell when you need to shift to a higher gear by the sound of the engine revving or because the car feels like it's dragging a bit. Stick shift cars used to be cheaper than automatics but nowadays they're more likely to be found in sports cars only.

Good to hear you're doing okay with the lessons. It never hurts to have a licence.

Ben said...

Since sports cars are generally pricier than pick-up-groceries cars I guess the cost comparison has reversed. I imagine the number of people who have that skill has declined.

The lessons are going pretty well. I'm about halfway through, after a couple of delays. Before I was pretty nervous. The sad thing is, when you're nervous about doing some things you can take a drink or two to calm yourself. Not so here.