Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Sharks have it made. They just keep growing new teeth throughout their lifetime. First of all that means that you always have a full set of teeth. Also, if you're cranky and out of sorts, you can always blame it on teething pains.

Babies also have it made, but that won't last forever.


susan said...

Jer is the only adult I know who still has all 32 - and only one filling. sigh...

Still, there have been developments in dentistry that can help, but we're unlikely to ever be as lucky as sharks.

Ben said...

IIRC he went for years without dental care too. Guess he was taught right.

It's interesting, and it makes sense that other animals constantly grow new teeth because they have simpler teeth. As for us for now we have dental implants if you can afford them. Tomorrow, who knows?