Tuesday, May 24, 2016

So *blargh* that happened

Last night I was not in much condition to blog. Or do much of anything else. After dinner a sluggish feeling descended on me. Then nausea and stomach trouble. And I got a headache that was still there when I woke up this morning, which it was certainly a relief to get rid of later in the day.

From now on I'll hesitate to buy pork unless I can trust it and can trust myself to cook it properly. I cooked this cut for dinner the day after I bought it and it looked and tasted like it was done, but good meat doesn't give you flu-like symptons.

On another note, this is a nice look at the great Minnesota poet and guitarist who is still with us. "Visions of Johanna" truly is an immortal song.


susan said...

I've never been sick from eating pork but I can sympathize with you. The stuff can be nasty and you're probably right that your body's instant reaction indicated food poisoning. Overcooking (or using a meat thermometer) in the case of a cutlet is certainly warranted if you try again - which you probably won't.

That was a very neat article about Dylan. Yes, he's been a marvel and I agree 'Visions of Johanna' is eternally beautiful.

Ben said...

What may have tripped me up is that I'm used to cooking poultry. Chicken and turkey can potentially give you food poisoning, but I've found that if you cook them a bit, cut up the meat when the outside's been tenderized, and then cook them some more, you're basically covered. Pork seems to be tougher, in both senses. I might have to look into getting a meat thermometer.

It does nail that solitary, late night feeling.