Wednesday, May 18, 2016

All quiet on the Eastern front

It's very quiet. I can hear the refrigerator running. Not much else. A car, here and there.

There are students living on this street. Given the time of year, I guess we're a few days, a week or so, from their post-school year flight. And then, some could be back, others not. Change, often, is cyclical.


susan said...

The end of term flight here seems to be at the end of April so it's quiet here too. I like it when we have the windows open in the evening and the only sound is the occasional passing car. Change is indeed cyclical - which could be seen as hardly any change at all.

Ben said...

I'm starting to leave windows open at night as well. Today was kind of a scorcher. Mostly quiet here as well, still.

Eastern religions in many cases see time as cyclical as well. It can be a small cycle or a large one, which effects whether or not you'll see it come round again.