Monday, May 2, 2016

Mind over matter or matter over mind

Open question. What provides you with calm when you need it. Say your mind is racing but your thoughts just keep going in a circle, and nothing you do seem right. Is there a way you can get your balance back? I don't necessarily mean the Colorado way.

One thing I've noticed helps sometimes is slowing down. Making body movements more deliberate, as long as there's no need to hurry. Speaking slower, albeit not in the "What does the yellow light mean?" sense.

But slower speech can also mean clearer and more resonant. It's not a new idea. Years ago I saw a film of performance artist Robert Wilson crediting one of his teachers with helping him get over a bad stutter, as she advised him to slow down.

There's a variant of this you can help you get to sleep at night too. Although in that case you act as if your body is tired and heavy, even if so far it isn't.


susan said...

Oh that was a very funny clip. That may have been the last tv show we watched with any regularity.

The only times I ever find my mind racing out of control is occasionally when I have trouble falling asleep. Sometimes nothing works and I just have to wait until exhaustion takes over, but other times I find that counting a memorized phrase or mantra on my fingers helps. It helps to move the focus away from my head.

Ben said...

If you're going to end your TV viewing with one show, that one's definitely going out on a high note.

That's an interesting method you note of counting a memorized phrase. It sounds like something that might be used in Eastern practice.