Saturday, May 14, 2016


There's a Stop & Shop near here. I don't go to it that often, because the walk takes a long time so it's actually handier to go to the one in East Providence. But sometimes I need to pick something up there. If it's just a small something I buy then I might pick up bottles on the way back, so as to drop them in the neighbors' recycling when I get back home. I've found out this way that Hennessy cognac is a favorite drink for those who drink behind parking lots.

Last night I had to buy potatoes. When I was coming back it was too dark to pick out any particular kind of bottle. But I did pick one up anyway. The label was off. It looked like a beer bottle, but with a bulging neck. Stout?

On a related note, I bought a new CD player in front of the Y today. New to me, at least. Little thing, it looks to be in rough shape. But once I noticed the power strip was hanging out of the socket and plugged it back in, I learned that it works a lot better than the one I already had.


susan said...

The one place where I get into specific tidying is when I find plastic bottles at the park. I'm still too squeamish to pick up the lumpy little brown plastic bags. For the most part the park is generally so clean I don't have to do maintenance work too often. A weird thing we've noticed after storms is just how much tiny plastic detritus washes up out of the water. One time we saw hundreds of little pastel bits that on closer inspection proved to be tampon dispensers. Must have been a cruise ship passing. The park crews took care of that lot as they do whenever storms litter the beach with detritus. Still, it would be nice if I could comb the beach for driftglass. People used to throw away a better class of garbage. From what you say maybe they still do - but further from shore.

I'm glad you found a decent cd player for cheap. Nice going. There's so much streaming being done these days I'm not surprised you found one that was unwanted rather than broken.

Ben said...

I don't blame you for staying away from the paper bags. You never know what nasty thing will be lurking within, so it might be best to leave it to a professional with the right equipment. And I suppose you do find some strange jetsam after storms, especially if you live near water.

Driftglass is kind of a new one on me. I know I've heard the word before and I've probably seen it too, but I hadn't known that these discarded bits of glass worn down and smoothed out by the currents were a sought-after item.

Oh, if the CD player were broken the guy would have heard from me. I know for yard sales it's all "as is" and they don't like giving refunds, but if you sell me something with the promise that it works and it turns out not to, that's very much not cool.