Monday, February 8, 2016

Whiteout Part Deux

Another big storm today. Last night I got a call from work saying that the office would be closed today. I was all "okay, bro"* but was sort of dubious.Sunday had mostly been quite warm, so what could we be getting?

Enough. I was out in the morning and early afternoon, and the snowfall definitely meant you couldn't see as far as you ordinarily would.

Now I'm just hoping the laundromat will be open tomorrow when I go to do my wash. It should be. The snow let up a while ago and the roads look to be clear. Except for the occasional blower it's been a quiet night.

*Don't worry, even if the boss who called me hadn't been female, I still wouldn't have called her "bro."


susan said...

The same storm that was scheduled to show up here Monday afternoon and through the night was forecast to drop 18-24" of the stuff. But it got very cold first and I thought too cold to snow heavily. Happily I was right (for once) and we ended up with about 6" of new white stuff. It was really nice having had it be mild for long enough that all the old snow had melted by Sunday.

I hope you got your laundry done without trouble.

Ben said...

Yeah, there's not a hard and fast rule against snow on cold snap days, but it's more middling cold where you tend to see heavy snow. Sounds like you've gotten familiar with the weather patterns up there.

Yeah, as I suspected Tuesday things were pretty much back to normal, so laundry wasn't a problem.