Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday departure

A woman had her last day at my work today. I'll definitely miss her. Some people you work with are true friends and she was one. So, it was a nice going away party at least, and I got to talk to her a bit afterwards.

In lighter news, someone recorded an all kazoo version of "Whole Lotta Love."


susan said...

I'm sorry to hear you'll no longer be working with someone who'd become a friend. Wherever we find them, friends are always to be treasured.

On a matching lighter note, you might enjoy this routine from the old David Frost Report called 'The Class Sketch'. It was written by Marty Feldman who it turns out also wrote 'The Four Yorkshiremen'. Maybe you already knew that.

Ben said...

Thank you. Yes, you learn to appreciate the friends you have. And maybe to be on the lookout for new ones. I don't go crazy with that, though.

Feldman had a part in writing "Four Yorkshiremen." It's most associated with Cleese and Chapman, since they've worked it into Monty Python's live shows. Tim Brooke-Taylor was in on it too. Anyway, I did get a kick out of the Class sketch.