Monday, February 15, 2016

After the vortex

After the polar vortex that brought us some profoundly cold weather over the weekend, we're left with some lumpy ice on the sidewalks. With lumpy ice you see it up ahead of you and think you can handle it, but you're probably wrong. I had a near-fall earlier this evening.

Also interesting is the post-frostbite sensation of circulation returning to your extremities. It's almost like their growing back.


susan said...

Yes, it was definitely brass monkey weather out there for a few days followed today by unusually balmy breezes. Wet ice is even scarier than the cold, dry stuff.

We've been thinking about the new penchant for naming every storm in sight and have been considering naming all the other kinds of weather fronts - ie, Sadie Sunshine, Bertie Breeze, Harry Hail, Rodolfo Rain etc. What do you think?

Ben said...

Oh, wet ice will keep you guessing. There's no doubt about that.

The idea of naming all weather patterns is one for which the time is ripe. Of course I expect that right away some Gilligan's Island fan would name an ice storm "Alan Hail Jr." As to breezes, I wonder how long before we ran out of names or just lost track. Never know until you try, I suppose.