Friday, December 4, 2015

Thought up

Have I written about this before? I feel like I might have, but it's been so long I might as well go back to it. There's a webpage that randomly assigns Oblique Strategies a la Brian Eno. Since I often feel like my thought patterns could use a gentle shaker, this is a handy resource for me. Also the actual decks cost an arm and a leg due to rarity, so it's good in this case to have the basics available for free.

I may have been reminded of the Oblique Strategies by Chris O'Leary's awesome blog Pushing Ahead of the Dame, which has done a beyond encyclopedic job digging into all of David Bowie's songs and recordings. He's currently close to the "end" (scare-quoted because DB has another album coming out in January, so it's more like arriving at the present). Bowie worked with Eno on the Berlin trilogy and then Outside and similar randomizing elements were consulted. My creative needs aren't exactly the same, but you never know when you can apply something.


susan said...

I'm pretty sure you did mention Oblique Strategies once before. If something works for you to kick start the creative process that's a good thing. The I-Ching is also a pretty good reference if you need an oracle for inspiration.

That David Bowie encyclopedia page is pretty dense, isn't it? I was very impressed that the guy has devoted so much time and energy to the project.

Ben said...

You explained to me before that the I-Ching isn't a toy, so I'd want to make sure I was bringing the right attitude to it if I used it. The concept does sound pretty fascinating.

Oh yeah, it seems like quite the labor of love, albeit the blogger has turned it into a couple of books, too. I took part in his poll of best songs, which was fun.