Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dali's cookbook

I just learned of the existence of  Dali's cookbook a couple of days ago. It seems to be an odd thing. (Quelle surprise.) There seem to be two kinds of recipes in it, from the excerpts I've read. First, things that sound like they might be tasty but are so ridiculously high maintenance you probably won't put yourself through the trouble. Then there's the "You expect people to eat that?" class of recipe.

I get the feeling that there were many pranks embedded in Dali's life and work. This may be one of them, but who knows for sure?


susan said...

I seem to remember having heard about Dali's cookbook once before. You're right that it doesn't sound the least bit like the Betty Crocker one or even Joy of Cooking (perhaps Joy of Eating would have worked).

I'm not sure I'll ever use it but I did copy his 'thousand year egg' recipe to my collection. You never know.

Ben said...

Dali as an employee of Betty Crocker would have been a stranger than usual phenomenon.

Century eggs seem to have a history in Chinese cuisine. They're cool to look at. I might hesitate to eat one, though.