Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Let's examine a popular emoticon.


By my count that's ten characters, which in itself isn't so hard. But they're punctuation marks that, in some cases, are kind of hard to find on a keyboard.

Kind of a lot of trouble to go through when you're communicating that you don't give a shit, but feel free, I guess.


susan said...

is as close as I can come using my keyboard while some effort spent finding special characters in my text edit program makes this
which is closer but still not quite the same. You're right that it seems to defeat the purpose of having emoticons in the first place. It would appear there are people desperately in need of a real hobby.

Ben said...

Real hobbies? What are those?

Actually the version you cooked up is pretty intriguing. It looks kind of like "Help! I'm turning into a unicorn!"